Affordable Housing Developers Teaming with Low-Income Tenant Activists to Push for Rent Regulation Reforms

ALBANY — A group representing affordable housing developers is teaming up with low-income tenant activists for the first time to push for rent regulation reforms.

The New York State Association for Affordable Housing — along with groups that include the Legal Aid Society, VOCAL New York, Enterprise Community Partners, AARP, the Coalition for the Homeless, and the New York Housing Conference — sent letters to state leaders urging specific pro-tenant changes when the rent laws expire in June.

The groups are pushing to end what’s known as luxury vacancy decontrol that allows landlords to bring an apartment out of the rent regulation system when it becomes vacant and the monthly rents rise past $2,733.

They are also looking to strip landlords of the power to offer lower, preferential rents to tenants and then revoke it upon lease renewal.

And the new coalition wants to change existing provisions that allow landlords to seek rent hikes based on major capital improvements and individual apartment upgrades. The goal is to tweak the wording so the provisions will work “in a way that reduces excessive rent hikes but ensures that owners can provide safe and decent housing.”

Where to Volunteer in NYC This Holiday Season

The winter holiday season is a time of overflowing bounty for so many. While giving thanks and exchanging gifts, it’s a fine opportunity to share the wealth, good cheer–and extra time off–with fellow New Yorkers in need. There are hundreds of ways to volunteer from now through the New Year (and beyond); the list below is a good place to start. Need an app to get anything done? DEED has you covered.

De Blasio Confronted Again by 72-Year-Old Homeless Woman He Rebuffed at the Gym

A 72-year-old homeless woman who Hizzoner blew off at his YMCA gym last month finally got to ask him a question Friday — by calling in to his weekly radio show.

Nathylin Flowers Adesegun, who was rebuffed by Mayor de Blasio while he was trying to get buff, saved her question for after his work-out Friday — and called in to the Brian Lehrer Show to ask him to set aside 10% of his affordable housing plan’s units for homeless people like her, up from 5% now.

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